Tim Webster


I am the lead pastor at Uniontown Bible Church. My wife, Lara, went home to be with the Lord on February 5, 2010. We had been married for fifteen wonderful years. We still miss her and long for the day when our Lord calls all believers home to Him and our family is reunited once more. We have three wonderful children: Nathan David (born April 12, 1997); Rebekah Joy (born June 30, 1998) – fourteen short months after our firstborn, not planned by us, but orchestrated by our God; and Mark Joseph (born June 30, 2001), and no that wasn’t a typo. Rebekah asked for her birthday that our third child would be born on her birthday and God, in His grace and wonderful sense of humor, granted it.

I have always wanted to be a pastor. My parents tell stories of when I was five years old. I would gather the family in the living room and preach at them. Apparently I got quite red in the face and used a fire and brimstone style of preaching. In particular, I targeted my oldest brother, warning him that if he didn’t straighten up, he’d go right down there (pointing to hell). This passion to lead God’s church has never waned. I graduated from Washington Bible College in 1985 and Capital Bible Seminary in 1987. I started in the ministry as a youth pastor in 1986 and served as an associate pastor for thirteen years before coming to Uniontown. I am deeply indebted to my mentors George Anderson and Dave Epstein. These godly men poured their lives into me, put up with my many mistakes, and gave me invaluable wisdom in leading the church. I came to Uniontown in June 1999. It has been a blessing to my family and me to serve this church. My main duties are preaching, overseeing the staff, leading the elder team, and casting the vision for our church. I love pastoring the people of Uniontown and pray that I have many more years here to live out that call.






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